Our specific strainers adapt to all your needs

Image d'un crépine spécifique de type panier / Picture of a specific strainer basket shaped

STARFILTER manufactures specific strainers of all shapes and sizes on demand and according to your needs. Whether they are cylindrical, basket or conical shaped or with a complex design, there is no limit to the shape you can give to your strainers. All our strainers are tailor made and at the request of our customers, in accordance with their recommendations. Whether your need is a prototype or series, there is no demand that we do not try to answer.

Resistant products providing numerous possibilities

Image d'une crépine spécifique de type cylindrique / Image of a specific strainer with a cylindrical & basket shape

Our strainers are made of steel or stainless steel, giving them a high resistance and a long service life. They can therefore, without problem, be used in systems with high temperature and pressure. In addition, precise selection of materials allows us to use our products in environments that are particularly corrosive or have special sanitary standards.

Moreover, the combination of perforated sheet and wire mesh allows us to produce products with filtration up to micron (1/1000 mm). Cutting, shaping and assembly are carried out with care and precision.

Good price to quality ratio and on-site delivery.

Although their production is tailor made with a high quality of manufacturing, STARFILTER offers very competitive products. In addition, their high resistance and good design also allows less frequent maintenance.

Our products will then be delivered on site, turn-key, leaving you no more than the task of installing them.