Our basket strainers and their options


STARFILTER designs, develops and manufactures basket strainers for the filtration of liquids and gases. Our products can take any dimensions, and a great number of options adapt them to all your projects. Whatever your need is, send us your specifications, and our design office will study it to offer you the basket strainer that best suits to your project.

First of all, the STARFILTER basket strainers are made of steel or stainless steel, giving them a high resistance and a long service life. Our strainers can thus be used without difficulty in high pressure or heat environments. In addition, precise selection of materials allows us to use our products in environments that are particularly corrosive or have special sanitary standards. We can design our products to adapt them to a normal or reverse flow, corresponding to all configurations.

Basket strainers for basket filters

Basket strainers are generally used inside a basket filter, and serve as filtering screen. They are easily accessible in order to be able to remove them and to clean them, when they get clogged, or to be replaced when time has deteriorated them. Our basket strainers are cylinders, closed on one end and, on the other, usually mounted with a strap and a handle. The wall is partially transparent, making it possible to filter the products passing through at the desired fineness. STARFILTER always strives to design the basket strainer with the largest filtration surface, optimizing the dimensions, as well as with the greatest transparency in order to minimize the pressure losses for your system.

The combination of perforated sheet metal and wire mesh renders possible complex shapes and has no limitation for size. There is no limit to the basket strainer that we can design. In addition, they provide filtration up to a micron and are therefore sufficient for any filtration work.

A great number of options and dimensions to adapt to all your installations

STARFILTER offers a large number of options for the manufacturing of its basket strainers, in order to adapt them to all your projects. You will be able to equip them with a flange, and reinforcements can be mounted for more aggressive environments.

In order to design your strainer, we will need its nominal diameter, the nominal pressure of your system, as well as the filtration fineness. These basic elements are the information necessary for the standard dimensioning of your product. In order to fully customize it, you can also define the desired transparency, the length or the thickness of the walls. Refer to the table below for a non-exhaustive list of options for your basket strainer.

Dimensions and options of our basket strainers

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Basket strainer option table
Basket strainers dimensions table