Our self-cleaning tangential filter : PROTEC

Pinced between flanges

Threaded rods, smooth holes

Fixed with Studs & Nuts

Our self-cleaning tangential filter called “PROTEC” has been designed with the aim of avoiding the damage caused to the pumping systems by the solid particles contained in the liquids passing through the pumps. This simple and economical system is installed on the discharge flange. It is used to clean a part of the flow and returns it into the pump drive area as coolant and lubricant. This prevents solid particles from deteriorating vital organs such as the shaft, bearing or rotor. It also makes it possible to avoid the necessary addition of auxiliary liquid, and to make the system autonomous by using the pumped liquid.

Our PROTEC filters are necessary for all pumping systems using the pumped liquid as lubricating and cooler, such as:

  • Mechanical seal pumps
  • Magnetic drive pumps
  • Rotary impeller pumps

PROTEC comes in different tightening systems, either offering lower costs or better protection against possible external aggressions.

Why install a self-cleaning tangential filter “PROTEC” ?

STARFILTER began designing and producing a tangential filter for industrial pumping systems after making the following observations:

From an economic point of view:

  • Centrifugal pumps represent a significant investment for the company acquiring it.
  • Cycles of production can have extremely serious financial consequences, in the event of an unfortunate halt caused by a malfunction.

From a technical point of view:

  • For pumps installed in hazardous areas, a lack of reliability could have disastrous consequences.
  • In order to preserve the environment in the event of the circulation of hazardous liquids, it is essential to avoid any type of failure.

The reliability of the pumps is therefore essential for the users. The problem is mainly to prevent degradation of the internal pumping system, caused by the presence of solid particles in the pumped liquid.

Damage to a pump that is not equipped with a tangential filter:


Functioning principle

The PROTEC system filters tangentially a part of the pumped flow at the pump outlet. This part of the flow thus filtered is cleaned of the solid particles greater than 150 μ and returned to the pump’s drive system. This clean liquid thus serves as a cooling and lubricating liquid and makes it possible to avoid the necessary addition of auxiliary liquid.

The filtered liquid is reinjected into the system via the auxiliary piping:

  • For mechanical seal pumps: The clean liquid is reinjected in line with the gasket.
  • For magnetic drive or canned motor pumps: Clean liquid is fed back directly onto the rotor bearings.

The tangential filter principle avoids disturbing the flow of the pumped liquid, and doesn’t cause any loss of pressure, avoiding any possible cavitation. The PROTEC filter uses the pressure difference between the outlet and the inlet of the pump to create an auxiliary flow which passes through the screen of the filter and is then directed towards the pump drive system. Clean liquid thus continuously passes through this region serving as a cooling and lubricating liquid before joining back the main flow.

The supply of clean liquid to the pump drive system makes it possible to preserve its organs , preventing solid particles from slipping between the fixed and rotating parts. This system ensures that the main parts of your pumps, such as the shaft, bearing or rotor, will be preserved from wear. This will ensure a much longer service life and therefore significantly lower maintenance and replacement costs. In addition, the self-cleaning nature of our tangential filter makes them self-contained and greatly reduces maintenance costs.

Installation diagram of a PROTEC filter on a canned motor pump:

Fonctionnement FT

Installation and fixing

This economical system is simply installed on the discharge flange of your pump. It requires only a trivial modification of the pump which will have no other coolant or lubricant liquid inlet than the one from our filter. In accordance with your pumping systems, we have designed and built different types of PROTEC filters, in order for them to adapted to your pumping system, taking into account the diameter of your piping, your system pressure as well as the flange face of your pump and piping.

Thanks to our team of engineers able to imagine efficient and relevant solutions, we can also design PROTEC filters that are totally adapted to your problem, respecting all your recommendations and your specifications. Feel free to let us know your needs so that we can study the feasibility of your project and give you a precise estimate.

It is thus a safety easy to implement and which brings a consequent improvement for the reliability of the pumping systems.

More than absolutely necessary, our PROTEC filters provide essential protection against accidental damage.

Our PROTEC filter functioning demonstration video of the