Basket Filters

Technical specifications

filtre à panier

STARFILTER basket filters are designed and manufactured according to customer specifications. We follow the most common international standards: ASME Sec VIII, EN13445-3, PED94 / 9 .. Several materials can be used, such as stainless steel, background or special steels (Monel, Duplex, Super Duplex, etc) .

During the design, each filter may receive various surface treatments such as pickling or passivating, or various internal and external coating based on need and customer recommendations.

Our filters can be equipped with the following optional accessories:
– Valves
– Pressure gauges relative or differential
– Temperature sensor
– Visual alarms and / or sound clogging <p

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 The filter basket (or pocket, or cartridges) is used to protect pumps, nozzles, valves ….

It allows the filtration of cooling water of exchanger water, process waters, etc …


This is a sealed cylinder containing a perforated plate basket. The basket can be easily removed for cleaning.

Each filter basket is provided with flanges or threaded to connect to the power at the output and at a purge.

The liquid is filtered from the inside to the outside. The size of the baskets is a function of flow rate and other characteristics of the fluid, particularly the suspended filler.
The solid particles settle to the bottom basket. They are easily removed when opening the filter and cleaning the basket.

Basket filters should always be designed to avoid exceeding the loss of maximum load of the filter basket. The sizing exercise defines the precise loss for a filter / basket and ensures satisfactory operation of the filter and the life in the longest possible service to the basket.

Quick shopping basket from above (closing the “bayonet” cover: very easy to maintain and clean, there is no product loss).



Low pressure drop

Robust and proven design

Economical to purchase

Easy maintenance

Very fine filtration capabilities

Interchangeable basket (adjustment of filtration threshold)

Does not deteriorate in the presence of heavy waste. Small footprint.

Standard plan and dimensions