T Filters

T filters have been designed to protect high value equipments (like pumps, valve, instruments, turbines, etc….) installed on pipeline during the start-up or during opération.


Starfilter design, realize and manufacture T Filters and also incorporated strainer in order to equip factories or installations all over the world.

T Filters Technical Specifications

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  • Starfilter T-filters have been designed to satisfy the most common industrial standard, and are manufactured using only high quality raw materials.

  • The standard filtering element is built using a support drilled plate, with holes Φ3’’ and thickness 1/2mm, and a filtering wire mesh having a filtration degree of 40mesh (other filtration degree are availble on request).

  • The filtering element is built and then checked in order to avoid any by-pass and to guarantee a complete match with the body

  • Starfilter T-filters have been designed on the basis of our long experience and using our internal issued software. On request STARFILTER can design T-filters for any customer’s special application.

  • Standard size, from ND2’’ up to ND24’’. Other sizes are available on request

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Dimensions Table

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Butt-Welding ends type (BW)

Flanged ends type (RF)

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