Duplex Filters

Technical Spécifications

Filtre complexe

This is a cost effective way to separate impure particles from the process fluid.

Duplex filters are designed to ensure continuity of service so as not to interrupt the production process during maintenance of the filter.

The range of duplex filters is designed based on specific customer requirements and in accordance with Directive 97/23 / EC and to the most common international standards.

The assembly consists of two filters with various accessories, by two three-way valves and a bypass line

Duplex filters can be equipped with the following accessories:

– Pneumatically controlled valves or motorized

– Pressure Gauges relative or differential

– Pressure sensor or temperature

– Visual and audible alarms clogging

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 cooling liquid

 cutting fluid


oil derivatives


Connections ANSI 125, 150, 300 LB FF RF Control ANSI B16.34 body according

Flanges ANSI B16.5

Butt weld Flanges ANSI B16.25

Filtre duplex

General Technical Drawing