The self-cleaning filters by back-washing

Filtre autonettoyant par retro-lavage fr

The “STARFILTER” self-cleaning filters by back-washing are designed for the continuous filtration of liquid heavily contaminated by solid contaminants.
They guarantee the cleanliness of the filter elements through an automatic sequence backwashing. By this way, solid contaminants are eliminated without interruption of the filtration process.
The filter housing is formed to ensure strength and very high durability enabling a consequent and progressive economy of maintenance costs compared to a conventional static filter.

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Operation description

The self-cleaning filter is comprised of the following: the filter housing, the group of filter elements, a differential pressure gauge with electrical contact, the motor, the control panel, the motorized valves and the internal mechanism.


The water enters through the nozzles, passes through the filter elements, with the direction of flow from inside to outside, then exits the filter.
The upper part of the filter, wherein the water is filtered, is hermetically separated from the lower chamber, from which contaminated water enters the filter elements.
When the differential pressure gauge reaches the maximal value of the predetermined differential pressure, it sends the enable signal to the control panel, which operates at the same time the geared motor and the opening of the motorized discharge valve.
The action of the gearmotor allows, by rotation, in communication with a filter element with both the driving refoulement. In this case (with the exhaust valve open) the filter element is subjected to washing against the pressure and impurities that have been accumulated inside are removed and discharged through retro cleaning valve.
The cleaning cycle lasts about a minute and once completed, if the differential pressure results remain above the maximum value, a new cycle will be automatically activated (and so on to reach the starting value). On the other hand, if the results are correct, the cleaning cycle is interrupted.
Through the control panel, it is also possible to provide independent periodic cleaning cycles of the differential pressure value. This process is proposed in order to avoid excessive build up of solids and therefore cleaning is made easier and thus increases the lifetime.
Available standard flow rates are 50-12000 m3 / h and the degrees of standard filtartion from 10 to 1000 microns.
Self-cleaning filters can be manufactured in carbon steel, with the inside lined rubber or stainless steel or duplex steel.


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