Y Filters

Y Starfilter filters are designed to protect valuable equipment (pumps, valves, instruments, turbines, etc …) installed in the networks.

Starfilter supplies its filters and strainers Y incorporated worldwide.

Technical Specifications of our Y Filters

Filtre en Y

Y Starfilter filters are designed to meet most industrial standards and are made only of raw materials quality.

The filter element is constructed from a metal mesh and / or a perforated sheet allowing filtration up to a few microns.

The filter element is manufactured and controlled by us, to prevent leakage and ensure perfect assembly with the filter body.

Y Starfilter filters are designed with our fabricant partners, and their basis of 30 years of experience in filtration, as well as an in-house developed software.

On request Starfilter is able to design Y Filters according to all your applications.

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Table standard materials available


some notes

The exact plans of the products requested will be provided after the order.

The standard material used for the filter element is stainless steel AISI 304

Y Starfilter filters can be installed in vertical or horizontal lines.

For horizontal installation, the opening of the basket must be down.

The standard nominal diameter for the drain cover is DN20 ..

Flanges according to ASME B16.5

Ends to be welded according to ASME B16.25

The standard finish of FJS flanges, (raised face), is 250AARH

The filter element must be installed closest possible component to be protected

The flow direction is clearly marked on the filter element.

The flow direction must be respected, reverse flow is not allowed.

All welders are qualified to ASME IX

It is necessary to leave enough space above the cover to take out and replace the filter element.