Filtering Cartridges

The Filtering Cartridges of our online filters are positioned inside the filter in order to ensure the optimum filtration required for each pumped and filtered luiquid category


The Filtering Cartridges of our online filters are made in different materials, whether metallic or synthetic.


Each application areas requires shapes, materials, sizes and various filtration fineness for filtering cartridges.

Our Different Types of Filtering Cartridges

Description of Our Metallic Filtering Cartridges

Starfilter designs, engeneers and manufactures metal Filtering Cartridges of many types.


Each of the different Filtrating Cartridges has its own structure, its own shape and may be associated with other materials to increase the fineness of filtration.


The metal wire mesh or the perforated sheet which composed the filtering cartridges can alternatively be constructed cylindrically or even pleated to increase the capacity of the filtering cartridge and allow it to adapt to this or that specific standard in a particular industry.


Each filter for each industry and each applicable standard, requires our research department to adapt each of our Filtering Cartridges.

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Photo Gallery of our Filtering Cartridges