Custom made industrial filtration

Design, development and manufacturing

A wide range of industrial filtration solutions

STARFILTER specialises in the design, development and manufacturing of custom industrial filtration solutions. Therefore, and on demand, we manufacture a very wide range of liquid and gas filter products. Each one, adapted to the needs and specificities of our customers and their industrial sector.


First of all, our design department analyzes each of our customers’ requests. Each request will be taken into account with the same dedication and each client shall get our full attention. If you have any need for industrial filtration, please contact our team to get a custom quote.


In a second time, and after the analysis of your demand, we may offer you an existing solution. Our offers include lead time of production and possible delivery to any location of your choice. If your need requires a specific product, our design office will work with you to understand all your requirements and provide you with a tailor made solution .


We wish no limit to our customers imagination, and shall use all our knowledge in order to find the right solution to your need(s).  Therefore, we manufacture products with filtration fines going down to the micron, and are able to manufacture products in a wide range of materials. From a simple strainer to a complex self cleaning filter including basket and cartridge filters, we can provide most of the industrial filtration solutions.

Ready to use and good value for money products

STARFILTER offers turnkey products, ready to be installed on site, and manufactured with all the required standards and precautions.


Our main strength lies in the responsiveness and performance of our teams, that will analyse every sigle demand, and provide you with the most appropriate response as quickly as possible. Moreover, and although they are tailor-made, each of our solutions has a good value for money


In conclusion, our challenge is to guarantee the quality of each of our projects and the satisfaction of our customers with products and services of quality.

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